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Oh My God Its Me!

How Is Everyone Doing?!

How’s it going everyone? I hope that you’ve had a good week! The weather here in Pittsburgh is starting to get colder and colder. To say that I’m not a fan of this is an understatement! Being cold=sucks! And with that fact being put out there, how in the hell did I forget to put my coat on before going to work? Like seriously, how in the bloody blue HELL did that happen? I suppose this week I am just a pretty face!

Invincible Heart Audiobook

Work on the audiobook version of Invincible Heart: The John Baker Chronicles Book 1  the Award Winning* Science Fiction, Action novel co-written with Kindra Sowder is being recorded by your’s truly at an amazing pace! I’m currently have fifteen chapters recorded and at my current pace, I will be finished with the rough recordings before December. The editing aspect will most likely take another week, and then it will be submitted to ACX for review and hopefully it can be ready for Christmas! To say that I am excited to bring this project to you all is truly an understatement. This audiobook will be released by Burning Willow Press LLC, so be sure to be on the look out!

Unbreakable Mind

I led off with the Permutation Archives Universe, its time to keep up with the process! The sequel to Invincible Heart is also doing great! Unbreakable Mind: The John Baker Chronicles Book 2 is currently at 46,000 words! If you are not familiar with the John Baker Chronicles you can just click here and get an overview on what’s going on. To be quite honest, this book is setting itself up to be far better than Book 1!

My process of writing the John Baker Chronicles books involve keeping Kindra fully updated on what’s going on. When I sent her this next block, she was as sickened and intrigued as I was! When you sicken yourself and your writing partner, you know you did something amazing! Kindra is also throwing at me the work she’s putting on Book 5 of the Permutation Archives, and it is going amazing!

The Silent Descendants: A Graphic Novel

The Silent Descendants by DaiQuan Cain c/o
Meet The Silent Descendants by DaiQuan Cain!

My interview with friend, and budding graphic novel author, DaiQuan Cain will be completed within the next week or so. Sorry! Work hours get in the way of stuff and we need to coordinate our schedules! The Silent Descendants: A Graphic Novel has, since the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, has raised $2,750 with 39 backers! One of the 39 is myself! Get some amazing gifts for making donations, or just donate for the love of supporting independent artist! To donate to the Kickstarter Campaign for DaiQuan Cain’s ‘The Silent Descendants: A Graphic Novel” click here, click the Silent Descendants image, or go to my ‘Links’ page!

Speaking of the ‘Links’ page

So for those that have gone to my ‘Links’ page, you will notice a link for ‘In Your Hand Media’. The President/CEO of the company, Eric Emerson, has informed me that his site will be going live very soon! This is amazing news for anyone that has web development, digital marketing, digital marketing analytics needs will want to pay attention to this. Eric provides these services, and so many more at very reasonable rates. If you have a need, talk to Eric, chances are high that he will be able to help you out.

Eric helped me with getting this page set up, and he can do so many more amazing things! He can teach you a lot, and really do a lot for you. So go to my ‘Links’ page or click here, to keep up! When this site goes live, you are going to be in for some amazing things!

And In Closing

For everyone that takes the time to read these blogs, come to this site, read my books, or otherwise keep up with the silly things I do, I truly thank you. With this holiday season coming up, no matter what your beliefs are, let’s remember what we are thankful for. Its not material possessions, well…I am thankful for my loads and loads of movies. But I am also thankful for all of you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you are celebrating. If you aren’t, hope you have a cool Black Friday.


*= Invincible Heart: The John Baker Chronicles is the winner of the Best Dystopian Fantasy award for 2017 from the Virtual Fantasy Con Awards!

Award for Best Dystopian Fantasy Novel for 2017 from Virtual Fantasy Con presented to Bryan Tann





Why? Just Why?

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Why? Just Why?


What This Blog Post Will Not Be…

I’m not going to come on here and blog with Hellfire about Devin Patrick Kelley. Do I want to call him all kinds of foul names? Absolutely! Would I love nothing more than to call him every bit of evilness that I can possible think of? See my previous answer. However, what is that going to accomplish? The injured (last tally I saw said twenty) won’t have their PTSD from the event negated. The twenty-six killed won’t magically come back to life, unfortunately. The Kelley family, including his wife and child, won’t get him back. The victims of his violence, prior to this event I mean, won’t have a reprieve from his evil either. Sadly…

So Bryan, What Will This Blog Be About?

I’m glad you asked. This blog is going to be about me just trying to make some sense of this. My writing is violent, anyone that’s read my books will agree to that. I, however, am not a violent man in real life. I have a first degree Black Belt in Kenpo. I earned this rank because of my love, and respect, for the art. I earned it because I wanted to be able to defend myself, or others, and I wanted the self confidence that came with it. Training because I want to fight is far from the reason why I earned it, and defeats the purpose of studying martial arts.

Having said that, I cannot understand why people choose to do these violent things. I will never for the life of me be able to understand what possesses a human being to do this. I feel the same as I did when Steve Stephens, the Facebook Killer, walked up to Robert Goodwin and just shot him dead on Facebook Live.

Good Point Bryan!

Thank you Bryan! So this post is going to be an invite to everyone to leave a comment and let’s get some dialogue going. ‘Why do people do this?’

It is easy to say, ‘Well people are just sick!’ it truly is. And to say that, is relatively accurate. Hell, Evo Shandor (nerd cuddles if you pick up on the reference) stated that ‘Humanity is too sick to survive.’ is that where we are? Is Shandor right? Are we, as a society, too sick to survive? The sexual assault stories in Hollywood are coming out daily. People are walking into churches and murdering parishioners. I remember, during the early/mid 1990s when kids were being shot and killed in schools over gang violence. We do not hear about this as much, but when does that make its horrible comeback? Its bad enough that children in schools are committing suicide due to bullying.

Unite! The Time for Political and Religious Debate is Over

Maybe instead of being divided over politics, religion, sexual orientation, marriage, and whatever the hell other reasons we are using to hate each other, we should UNITE against violence? Whether you are LBGTQ, or straight, we all bleed and die just the same. Hey straight people! LBGTQ people are just like you…PEOPLE. You each feel. You each love. You each breath. You each eat. When you are driving home, and your insides start to cause you agony because you have some poo that’s screaming to exit, and you get to the nearest toilet and you sit down and finally release the Kraken…THEY LET OUT ‘THE GROAN’ TOO! You know the groan I’m talking about!

That ‘Thank you! I made it! Thank you body for keeping it in! Thank you toilet for not being so far away!’ Wait, I’m not done. The groan also represents, ‘Thank you poop for not ruining my undies! Thank you body for not hurting anymore! Thank you I feel so much lighter!’ and I’m sure so much more.

The point I am trying to make is this; we need to be united. Instead of focusing on what separates us, let’s focus on what unites us. Who doesn’t love tacos? After a long day, you just want to be left alone! Sometimes you need to just scratch at your genitals! The desire to just walk around in your home naked is always there! When you want to be left alone, everyone should just disappear! Wilbur is some freaking pig! I am sure that we can all think of more things that should unite us.

So Again I ask; Why? Just Why?

Why, during these times, can’t we just unite as one? Heal each other. Be there for one another. The more we unite, the stronger we are when the villains show up. Granted, we may not always agree on who the villain is, but maybe if we unite more we will be able to come to a common understanding on that fact. I do not want this to become political, I truly do not. Just trying to point out that united we stand. Divided, we are boned.

Feel Free…

Comment on this blog. Maybe I am completely off base and should shut my mouth. Tell me what you think. I will respond as I am able to.

Have a great Friday! Thank you to the Veterans for your service to me as an American Citizen. I appreciate you all.


Upcoming Blog Topics

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What Are My Upcoming Blog Topics You Ask?

Well, as promised, I will be writing a blog with my take on the Texas Church shooting tragedy. Quick spoiler alert; The Shooter is a POS.

It Won’t Be All Ranting and Negative. I promise!

Next I will be interviewing DaiQuan Caine. DaiQuan just launched a Kickstarter Campaign for his graphic novel; The Silent Descendents. I have personally funded this campaign as DaiQuan is a friend of mine. The premise of his graphic novel is amazing, and I fully believe in what he is doing.

Upcoming Works…

This includes my own writing, and the Invincible Heart audiobook. I promise I am getting work done!

And Finally…

There won’t really be a ton of rhyme or reason in my post. I want to have fun while being informative and entertaining. With that being said, this blog is going to be completely spontaneous. If there is something you want me to talk about, let me know in the comments or get in touch with me using the contact form on the Home page.

In Closing…

Yeah, that’s all for now! I’m trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to interview DaiQuan because we are going to have a lot of interesting things to talk about!


So Let’s See If We Can Do This Right…

So Let’s See If I Can Do This Right…

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So for those that don’t know me, my name is Bryan Tann. I’m a writer, a voice-over performer/producer, movie enthusiast, and resident nerd-man. To be honest, I can probably beat most anyone I know, and you know, in the ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ game. Why? Because retaining pertinent and important knowledge is something my brain doesn’t find to be important. Retaining movie lines, and who was in said movies? Yeah, that’s the most important thing in the world.

So What Am I Going To Write About Tonight?

I have to admit that I painted myself into a corner tonight. I just put the new site itself live, I have to get the blog going too. And, I fully believe in transparency which is why I’m saying this, I need this to work out.

I write to entertain. I want my works to get out there so I can focus more time on writing, and get my stuff out there. Sadly enough, it hasn’t been working out as I would like to. I do what I can to promote my work, sometimes it doesn’t work out the way I want it to. If I can get this site to work out right, and the blog to work out even better, well then the promotion will take care of itself a bit more, now won’t it?

So what do I have going on right now?

Upcoming Works…

I am slowly working on Unbreakable Mind, the sequel to Invincible Heart. Invincible Heart, for those of you that don’t know, is the spin-off to Kindra Sowder’s ‘The Permutation Archives’. Invincible Heart is also an award-winning 2017 Dystopian/Fantasy Novel of the year.

My other WIP (Work in Progress) is titled “The Untitled Misadventures of Arn Reynolds’ which I’m thinking of switching to ‘The Untitled Misadventures of a Super-Powered F*#k-Up’. Why? Because it just feels like a much better title than the latter.

What’s it about? Glad you asked! It’s essentially about a lifelong fuck up (sorry, I hope that explicit language doesn’t offend!) that ends up earning superpowers and learning how to become a hero; while being an asshole.

The Big Tuna…

Intersteller by Bryan Tann and Kindra Sowder

If you read my ‘About Me’ page, and the ‘John Baker Chronicles’ pages, you’ll know how close I am with Kindra Sowder. How important she, and her husband Edd, are to my career. Well, Kindra wrote the ‘Permutation Archives’ series and I wrote the spin-off. We are technically co-authors of the John Baker Chronicles. This new Sci-Fi project, Interstellar, is FULLY written by the both of us. We are in the early planning phases of the project, and it is going to be absolutely AMAZING when it comes to fruition. Keep your eyes open for information on this project, because I am sure there will be more and more in the coming weeks and months.

I have a few other WIP (works in progress) that I haven’t really put much into lately, but that will change soon.

And Finally…

The project that I especially want to put more work into is the audiobook for Invincible Heart, which will be published by Burning Willow Press. I intend on getting to work on that hard in the next few days and try to get it submitted to ACX (Amazon’s Audiobook Division) within the next month or so. Hopefully, it can be available by the holiday season.

With that being said, I am not just going to be typing these blogs out. I fully intend on doing some video blogs also. Now if there is something you want me to vlog (video blog) or blog about, make use of the contact section or leave me a comment on this blog. I may not use every suggestion, but I will take your comments and suggestions under consideration.

Thanks again for being bothered with this silly blog and my goofy thoughts.

I want to put up some social commentary this week, specifically on the senseless mass murder in Texas that took place this past weekend. I simply want to have more information so I am not guessing.

Thank you again, and have a wonderful night.


Stand for something. If you don’t, you’ll fall for everything.