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Bryan Tann Updates on
Oh My God Its Me!

How Is Everyone Doing?!

How’s it going everyone? I hope that you’ve had a good week! The weather here in Pittsburgh is starting to get colder and colder. To say that I’m not a fan of this is an understatement! Being cold=sucks! And with that fact being put out there, how in the hell did I forget to put my coat on before going to work? Like seriously, how in the bloody blue HELL did that happen? I suppose this week I am just a pretty face!

Invincible Heart Audiobook

Work on the audiobook version of Invincible Heart: The John Baker Chronicles Book 1  the Award Winning* Science Fiction, Action novel co-written with Kindra Sowder is being recorded by your’s truly at an amazing pace! I’m currently have fifteen chapters recorded and at my current pace, I will be finished with the rough recordings before December. The editing aspect will most likely take another week, and then it will be submitted to ACX for review and hopefully it can be ready for Christmas! To say that I am excited to bring this project to you all is truly an understatement. This audiobook will be released by Burning Willow Press LLC, so be sure to be on the look out!

Unbreakable Mind

I led off with the Permutation Archives Universe, its time to keep up with the process! The sequel to Invincible Heart is also doing great! Unbreakable Mind: The John Baker Chronicles Book 2 is currently at 46,000 words! If you are not familiar with the John Baker Chronicles you can just click here and get an overview on what’s going on. To be quite honest, this book is setting itself up to be far better than Book 1!

My process of writing the John Baker Chronicles books involve keeping Kindra fully updated on what’s going on. When I sent her this next block, she was as sickened and intrigued as I was! When you sicken yourself and your writing partner, you know you did something amazing! Kindra is also throwing at me the work she’s putting on Book 5 of the Permutation Archives, and it is going amazing!

The Silent Descendants: A Graphic Novel

The Silent Descendants by DaiQuan Cain c/o
Meet The Silent Descendants by DaiQuan Cain!

My interview with friend, and budding graphic novel author, DaiQuan Cain will be completed within the next week or so. Sorry! Work hours get in the way of stuff and we need to coordinate our schedules! The Silent Descendants: A Graphic Novel has, since the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, has raised $2,750 with 39 backers! One of the 39 is myself! Get some amazing gifts for making donations, or just donate for the love of supporting independent artist! To donate to the Kickstarter Campaign for DaiQuan Cain’s ‘The Silent Descendants: A Graphic Novel” click here, click the Silent Descendants image, or go to my ‘Links’ page!

Speaking of the ‘Links’ page

So for those that have gone to my ‘Links’ page, you will notice a link for ‘In Your Hand Media’. The President/CEO of the company, Eric Emerson, has informed me that his site will be going live very soon! This is amazing news for anyone that has web development, digital marketing, digital marketing analytics needs will want to pay attention to this. Eric provides these services, and so many more at very reasonable rates. If you have a need, talk to Eric, chances are high that he will be able to help you out.

Eric helped me with getting this page set up, and he can do so many more amazing things! He can teach you a lot, and really do a lot for you. So go to my ‘Links’ page or click here, to keep up! When this site goes live, you are going to be in for some amazing things!

And In Closing

For everyone that takes the time to read these blogs, come to this site, read my books, or otherwise keep up with the silly things I do, I truly thank you. With this holiday season coming up, no matter what your beliefs are, let’s remember what we are thankful for. Its not material possessions, well…I am thankful for my loads and loads of movies. But I am also thankful for all of you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you are celebrating. If you aren’t, hope you have a cool Black Friday.


*= Invincible Heart: The John Baker Chronicles is the winner of the Best Dystopian Fantasy award for 2017 from the Virtual Fantasy Con Awards!

Award for Best Dystopian Fantasy Novel for 2017 from Virtual Fantasy Con presented to Bryan Tann






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