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As Promised

Hey everyone! It’s Bryan Tann again and, as I promised, I have the interview with comic fan and the creator of the upcoming Silent Descendents graphic novel, DaiQuan Cain!

Now DaiQuan and I first met when I left a comment on a post on Facebook and we just clicked. Since then he has become an avid reader of mine, and I have become ravenous for this project. Now he’d been telling me about it for months and I told him that I was definitely on board with him.

DaiQuan Cain, The Man

Now before I get right to the interview, I want to say this about DaiQuan Cain as a person;

He is truly one of the greats and a very good friend. When he and I have spoken and I would be feeling down about my writing, he would be encouraging. He purchased all of my books in print and devoured them greedily and offered such positive feedback. It wasn’t just lip service, DaiQuan is an awesome person and a good friend.

His vision for this project is absolutely amazing. There have only been two other individuals whom I have talked with and worked with closely, that had the same passion as DaiQuan has; myself and my writing partner. We are just so similar!

Okay! Enough with the fluff! This is a serious interview!

So despite my like for this guy and our personal friendship, I went into this interview as though it were every other interview that I have ever conducted as a podcast host. So I was friendly and eager. Perhaps, admittedly, even more, eager that I have been before. What can I say? I love a good story, and I love graphic novels.

That is enough setup! It’s time for the interview.

Bryan Tann: First and foremost DaiQuan, thanks for taking the time out and agreeing to do this interview!

My first question is the obvious one;

When did you first come up with the idea for The Silent Descendents?

DaiQuan Cain: I came up with the idea for my characters and their story when I was ten years old, shortly after 9/11.

I noticed a void of realistic issues within mainstream comics and so I decided to tackle them in my own work with the encouragement of my mother and brother.

Tann: Can you describe to me some of the ‘realistic issues’ that you mentioned and how they pertain to your characters?

Cain: Absolutely, what I aimed to do was to speak about many things that affected my life. While there have surely been comics that touched on things like racism, corruption, abuse, and socioeconomic – I was adamant about making these aspects of our world much bigger parts of the narrative within The Silent Descendents universe.

Tann: Can you give me an example of this without giving anything away from the book, which I have to say, I cannot WAIT for!

Cain: Well, one example which isn’t a spoiler is the fact that team member Evan Kyles (Defyer) is the older brother to a deceased teen who was killed by a questionable NYPD officer.

Another example is that James McAllister (Grunge) was adopted and sexually assaulted by his former foster mother who raised him to be a con artist.

Tann: And these were issues with these characters that was established back when you were just a kid? Wow! May have to have you burned at the stake as a witch with that kind of foresight!

So why now? Why bring these characters to life now?

Cain: Well, I believe that we’re living in very dark times and the story of The Silent Descendents can be a pretty opaque one as well.

That said, I believe that now is the time to tell this story because we all can relate to striving against the tides of struggle.

Tann: We definitely are. And history had proven that entertainment mediums have aided the masses when it comes to coping, Comics especially.

Alright, DaiQuan so describe this world that the Silent Descendents live in if you would? Are they alone as super-powered individuals?

Cain: The world that these characters dwell in is a pretty opaque one. There are occasional glimmers of light and hope – but they’re usually the embodiments of it.

I aim for realism in this story and I feel like that can be a pretty tough thing at times.

There are other super-powered individuals in their world, but the first story deals with that aspect the least.

Tann: Do you have another book in the pipeline after this one releases?

Cain: Absolutely! This current book that’s seeking funding on Kickstarter is only the first in a planned trilogy and limited anthology series. There’s an end in sight, an endgame to be reached, and all the entire mythology has been mapped out in advance. It’s one of the perks if working on this project for over a decade.

Tann: That’s amazing, and I’m sure good news for your pending fans!

Do you have any other projects that you’re working on or are you just focusing on The Descendents?

Cain: I have many other ideas that I plan on bringing to fruition, but I’m fully invested into The Silent Descendents at the moment. They’re my babies and I’m trying to do right by them first and foremost.

Tann: I’m sure that everyone can understand that! Anything else you want to say to your fans before I cut you loose? This is your chance to say what you want, however you want!

Cain: Sure!

I’d just like to say that I’m deeply appreciative of any and all donations to the project.

Anybody reading this should know that I’m just a young man trying to do something positive through storytelling and that by helping to fund this project, they’re helping to realize a dream that’s been in the works for almost twenty years!

Tann: Thanks again DaiQuan for taking the time and good luck! I can’t wait for my copy!

Cain: My pleasure, man. Thank you for the platform to get the word out!

In Conclusion

This was a great interview. So forthcoming, yet so many more questions are to be asked! I suppose you will just have to read the book. You can click the image above to go to DaiQuan’s Kickstarter Campaign. You can also support his Thunderclap to spread the word across social media. Enjoy the Silent Descendants trailer, and click the below the trailer to go to the Kickstarter campaign!

The campaign is well underway with forty (40) days to go! He’s doing an amazing job right now, but he needs your help! There are amazing rewards for your contributions that you can check out by going to the Kickstarter page. I have personally pledged $56 to this project. When you pledge funds, remember that withdrawal occurs when the campaign succeeds.

Thank you again to DaiQuan Cain for taking time out of his days to talk with me, thank you to everyone that has contributed. Thank you to everyone that will contribute!

Click Here to go to the Kickstarter page!


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