Why? Just Why?

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What This Blog Post Will Not Be…

I’m not going to come on here and blog with Hellfire about Devin Patrick Kelley. Do I want to call him all kinds of foul names? Absolutely! Would I love nothing more than to call him every bit of evilness that I can possible think of? See my previous answer. However, what is that going to accomplish? The injured (last tally I saw said twenty) won’t have their PTSD from the event negated. The twenty-six killed won’t magically come back to life, unfortunately. The Kelley family, including his wife and child, won’t get him back. The victims of his violence, prior to this event I mean, won’t have a reprieve from his evil either. Sadly…

So Bryan, What Will This Blog Be About?

I’m glad you asked. This blog is going to be about me just trying to make some sense of this. My writing is violent, anyone that’s read my books will agree to that. I, however, am not a violent man in real life. I have a first degree Black Belt in Kenpo. I earned this rank because of my love, and respect, for the art. I earned it because I wanted to be able to defend myself, or others, and I wanted the self confidence that came with it. Training because I want to fight is far from the reason why I earned it, and defeats the purpose of studying martial arts.

Having said that, I cannot understand why people choose to do these violent things. I will never for the life of me be able to understand what possesses a human being to do this. I feel the same as I did when Steve Stephens, the Facebook Killer, walked up to Robert Goodwin and just shot him dead on Facebook Live.

Good Point Bryan!

Thank you Bryan! So this post is going to be an invite to everyone to leave a comment and let’s get some dialogue going. ‘Why do people do this?’

It is easy to say, ‘Well people are just sick!’ it truly is. And to say that, is relatively accurate. Hell, Evo Shandor (nerd cuddles if you pick up on the reference) stated that ‘Humanity is too sick to survive.’ is that where we are? Is Shandor right? Are we, as a society, too sick to survive? The sexual assault stories in Hollywood are coming out daily. People are walking into churches and murdering parishioners. I remember, during the early/mid 1990s when kids were being shot and killed in schools over gang violence. We do not hear about this as much, but when does that make its horrible comeback? Its bad enough that children in schools are committing suicide due to bullying.

Unite! The Time for Political and Religious Debate is Over

Maybe instead of being divided over politics, religion, sexual orientation, marriage, and whatever the hell other reasons we are using to hate each other, we should UNITE against violence? Whether you are LBGTQ, or straight, we all bleed and die just the same. Hey straight people! LBGTQ people are just like you…PEOPLE. You each feel. You each love. You each breath. You each eat. When you are driving home, and your insides start to cause you agony because you have some poo that’s screaming to exit, and you get to the nearest toilet and you sit down and finally release the Kraken…THEY LET OUT ‘THE GROAN’ TOO! You know the groan I’m talking about!

That ‘Thank you! I made it! Thank you body for keeping it in! Thank you toilet for not being so far away!’ Wait, I’m not done. The groan also represents, ‘Thank you poop for not ruining my undies! Thank you body for not hurting anymore! Thank you I feel so much lighter!’ and I’m sure so much more.

The point I am trying to make is this; we need to be united. Instead of focusing on what separates us, let’s focus on what unites us. Who doesn’t love tacos? After a long day, you just want to be left alone! Sometimes you need to just scratch at your genitals! The desire to just walk around in your home naked is always there! When you want to be left alone, everyone should just disappear! Wilbur is some freaking pig! I am sure that we can all think of more things that should unite us.

So Again I ask; Why? Just Why?

Why, during these times, can’t we just unite as one? Heal each other. Be there for one another. The more we unite, the stronger we are when the villains show up. Granted, we may not always agree on who the villain is, but maybe if we unite more we will be able to come to a common understanding on that fact. I do not want this to become political, I truly do not. Just trying to point out that united we stand. Divided, we are boned.

Feel Free…

Comment on this blog. Maybe I am completely off base and should shut my mouth. Tell me what you think. I will respond as I am able to.

Have a great Friday! Thank you to the Veterans for your service to me as an American Citizen. I appreciate you all.



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