Ed and Livvy

Ed and Livvy
Bryan Tann’s own Ed and Livvy. Cover by Rue Volley


Ed and Livvy are two broken pieces that come together to make a powerful, and frightening whole.

Ed, a victim of continuous emotional abuse, is forced to work day in, and day out at a job that threatens to put him in an early grave. His wife, Laura, refuses to be his partner and instead does all she can to keep him down, beaten, broken, and subservient to her wants.

Livvy, a survivor of domestic violence, has left her abusive husband Martin behind. Unfortunately his specter continues to plague her life as he lives in constant fear. Her smiles are false. Her laugh manufactured. Nothing is real.

Their collective pain ends when the two meet amid tragedy. As they stand and fight together for the happiness they deserve, both Ed and Livvy decide that enough is enough, and vengeance will be their’s.

When writing becomes therapy…

Ed and Livvy is a novel that I began to work on after my divorce. It was a very difficult time and I felt completely lost and devastated. Divorce is never easy, and instead of seeking therapy, I decided that I was going to write my pain and anger away.

About our couple…

This story introduces us to Ed White, a man that has not been having a good time with life. His job as a Corrections Officer makes him miserable, his marriage is not what he thought it would be. Everything in his world is a twisted parody to what he hoped it would be. It almost feels as though he made a wish using a cursed monkey’s paw.

Livvy Malone has a heart the size of the state of Texas. Unfortunately she put her heart into the hands of a man that didn’t appreciate it, and abused her in the worse ways possible. Her world is shattered and broken, but she won’t let anyone know just how much pain she is truly in. So her smiles are plastered on with an amazing poker face that only she knows to be false.

When the two of them are brought together, they find what they have been searching for all of their lives; their imperfect perfect half. For some, that is enough for a ‘happily ever after’ type of ending right? Well unfortunately, life goes on when the story ends. It is then that the two emotionally damaged individuals decide that the focuses of their collective pain must be made to suffer for their crimes against them…by any means necessary.

This was a major shift from anything I’ve ever before in my life…

Sex, vengeance, and love are prominent in this tale. In this book I completely step out of my comfort zone and do something different. This is a place that I would like to go to again in the near future. If you aren’t challenging yourself, what is the point of doing anything? As of the writing of this website, this is my highest selling book to date. Click the link below to pick up this book, you will not be disappointed I’m sure!


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