What is this page for Bryan?!

This links page is dedicated to the links that are most important to me! Friends/Family, and my personal/professional contacts in my own crazy whirlwind planet!

So what does that mean Bryan?

This page will be updated as often as necessary. In other words; if I find links that I want to add here, that’s exactly what I am going to do. Links, links, links! I want to help my friends and people that I care about get their content out there, and I’m going to do everything that I can to help them. There are people that will do the same thing for me.

As it stands right now, I’m starting small with my links page. If you want me to share your link on this page, use the contact form if you do not have my personal contact information. I will gladly share your links, but you have to share mine as well. Hands scratch backs and all right?

So without further delay…

Here are the links that I’ll be sharing on this Link Page!


CHBB Publishing – My Publishing Family!

Vamptasy Publishing – A subsidiary of my publishing family!

Hot Ink Press – Another subsidiary of my publishing family!

Burning Willow Press – Publishing company owned by my writing partner Kindra Sowder. Also the publisher of the Invincible Heart audiobook!

Kindra Sowder – Check Out Kindra’s personal webpage!

TJ Weeks – Check Out TJ Weeks’ webpage!

In Your Hand Media – Anything you need for marketing, analytics, web development,  Eric can provide!

Kickstarter Page for DaiQuan Cain’s “The Silent Descendants: A Graphic Novel” – Just as the link says; this is where you can go to support the Kickstarter Campaign for DaiQuan Caine’s “The Silent Descendants”. If you support independent arts, and you love comics and graphic novels, you will want to get involved!

And more to come!