Path of Redemption

The Dark Lands Saga
Where All You Thought Were Tales are True
And Worse Than You Could Possibly Imagine.

What are the Dark Lands?

The Dark Lands are the world that lives, and thrives, parallel with our’s. A world that your parents always told you never existed. A world where all of your worse nightmares live, and hunt. Their prey? You. The creatures of the night walk among us and will not hesitate to do whatever they must to consolidate their power. Enter this world, if you dare.

The Enforcer and The Hunted
The first tales in The Dark Lands first series
The Path of Redemption

Bryce Kreed, The Enforcer book one of the Path of Redemption series. Bryce Kreed, The Hunted book 2 of the Path of Redemption series.

Path of Redemption is the beginning

The Path of Redemption is the first series set in the world of The Dark Lands. The Path of Redemption tells the story of vampire Enforcer Bryce Kreed and his quest for salvation. The mighty vampire was once an African Prince that was brought to America as a slave at an early age in the late 1600s. For over three hundred years, his exploits have painted him as a murderous and rebellious brute that will do anything to sate his desire for bloodlust. Despite the flaws in his character, whether warranted or not, the results cannot be argued;  he is among the best at what he does.


Despite the reputation, and consequence of explosions and destruction seemingly following him at every turn, there is more to the vampire Bryce Kreed than violence. He is seeking forgiveness from his Creator for his evil deeds, unfortunately it is taking a lot longer than he thought it would.

In his own battle for self discovery, he meets Mistress Vampire Enya Blake. Is she the catalyst to send him to eternal damnation? Or is she the inspiration as he finally finds his Path of Redemption?