Bryce Kreed, The Hunted

Bryce Kreed, The Hunted  Book 2 in the Path of Redemption series

Pittsburgh was just the beginning…

After thwarting the Blood Coven’s efforts to capture Enya Blake, Bryce Kreed knows that one defeat won’t be enough to stop their nefarious plans. The Coven’s vile ruler known simply as, The Liege, will not have his desire for Blake’s power quelled.

Even with the aid of his closest allies including; His brother Reece, fellow Enforcer Chloe Brubaker, and Enya’s loyal bodyguard Skull, the powerful Enforcer knows deep down that their best efforts may not be enough.

With the odds ever stacking against him, Enforcer Bryce Kreed will be something he hasn’t been in over three hundred years…The Hunted

Bryce Kreed, The Hunted

This book took years to complete thanks to a lack of confidence in myself. Now that it has been completed, I am so proud of this follow up to The Enforcer. The Hunted is full of action, emotion, and spirit; traits that embody the character Bryce Kreed perfectly.



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