Bryce Kreed, The Enforcer

Bryce Kreed The Enforcer
The beginning of it all! Cover by Rue Volley

For over two hundred years the powerful hands of Bryce Kreed have ended countless lives at the will of the Vampire Council. The thrill of the hunt drove the mighty vampire warrior, causing him to become a ruthless, and violent killer who’s acts were performed with no fear of any consequences, sending him down a path of eternal damnation. Today, his path is chaotic and unclear with no direction or goal in sight. Until Mistress Enya Blake came to call with a task that could only be solved by making use of a specific set of skills that have made his name infamous among those that dwell in the shadows for centuries. Now the rules of survival and engagement have changed. The chaotic path of confusion has finally changed shape and shown some direction. Now the Enforcer seeks to take his first steps along… The Path of Redemption.

The story behind the book…

The Enforcer is, as I have already mentioned before, the first book I ever wrote. Bryce Kreed began as a reoccurring nightmare that plagued me for years. In an attempt to gain an understanding of the being that would become The Enforcer, I turned him into a LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) character.

After LARPing as Bryce Kreed for a time, I took him to online roleplaying games where he became a God Character. For those that don’t speak nerd, a God Character is a character that becomes all-powerful and unkillable by regular characters. Usually God Characters become NPCs (Non Player Characters) in roleplaying games to help further plot. While I continued to play the character in some games, Bryce disappeared into the realms of my mind. Thankfully he didn’t attack my dreams anymore, he patiently decided to wait until the perfect story would be told for him.

Fast forward to 2007 when I moved to New Hampshire. I was miserable. I had no friends, nothing to take up my free time, or to get me out of the house. Next thing I knew, I was writing journal’s from a perspective that wasn’t my own. After writing about…one hundred and fifty pages, I realized that I was writing as Bryce. I had found his story.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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